Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Outfit: Suited & Booted






Priceless lilac-pink

How much did I not want to get up this morning? It was cold and I was tired. I can definitely feel the effects of the gym yesterday. I somehow made it to work and promptly tried to make tea in my water glass. Today is going to be one of those days.

It was an open evening at choir last night, to try to recruit some new members. It was cold in the church where we rehearse (as always) but because we had visitors, we stopped for a cup of tea and biscuits halfway through. Usually we have a five minute Werther’s break – the conductor says “Right, we’ll ‘ave us Werther’s there” and everyone gets out there Werther’s Originals. It’s surreal. But last night there was tea and biscuits which was just as well as I’d not really had any tea. I did discover that it is possible for me to have a shower and wash and dry my hair in 20 minutes, as long as I don’t bother straightening it and apply minimal make up in order to save time. All this is a roundabout way of saying that there’s no outfit picture from last night. I just threw on jeans, a grey hooded top and my EMU boots for warmth and speed.

I have a couple of trouser suits in my wardrobe which have been neglected lately because there is not really a dress code for my office. They are both fairly warm and that is now a necessity so I’ve decided to give them an airing.

The lining of this jacket is purple which always makes me think that purple is a good colour to put with the suit. A tank is good under a jacket because it’s not too bulky with not having sleeves. And you can’t beat a classic white shirt and some statement booties to finish the look.

Brown jacket & trousers – Long Tall Sally
Purple tank – Long Tall Sally
White shirt – Next
Purple faux suede booties – Priceless Shoes
Purple necklace – Scope

Total Est. Cost £106


  1. very elegant look! this looks great on you. love the purple and brown together. this is perfectly accessorized too!

  2. nice suit! love all of the purple. would you call this "tank" a "vest" in britain? just curious :D

  3. Thank you!

    This sleeveless sweater is known as a tank top in Britain. A vest is a strappy camisole top or the hieous white thing your mother made you wear under your school clothes in the winter until you were too big for her to argue with you any longer!