Friday, October 30, 2009

Public Service Announcement: Back Up Your Blog

A friend of mine very nearly lost her business this afternoon due to a catastrophic failure at the company that hosts her websites. You can read all about it here. Fortunately she has her own back ups and the situation turned out not to be as dire as first thought, partially thanks to her army of Twitter supporters that retweeted everything she said about the web hosting company until they did something to sort their mess out.

Even if your blog isn’t your livelihood, think how gutted you would be if you lost it all and had to start over. Especially if you’ve been blogging for several years and have a lot to lose. You may only spend a few minutes a day posting, but over time those minutes add up and it would take a long time to build your blog back up again if you wanted to restore your archives. Fortunately I read this post the other week and made a back up of my HTML last weekend. Struggling To Be Stylish explains clearly how to make a back up – and don’t just save it to your hard drive: what will you do the day you laptop or PC bluescreens? Take the time to save it to a CD ROM. After today I will be doing it far more regularly (having gone over 3 years without backing up at all).

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  1. Ths is the first chance I've had to catch up with my Google reader since it all happened! Anyway, I couldn't agree more on the backups, obviously - and thanks again for your support on Friday, it was very much appreciated!