Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Funky Junk Earrings

Snowflake earrings

Every winter I dig out a pair of silver coloured snowflake earrings with diamantes on them. When I looked them out this year I was saddened to find they have turned green, as all cheap metals eventually do. Mind you, I have had them since the sixth form (a long time ago) and they were bought from Claire’s Accessories so they were not the most expensive pair of earrings in the world. When I posted on Twitter that I was looking for a replacement pair, one of my friends suggested contacting @Funky_Junk who sells jewellery. I did and she said to leave it with her. A few days later I got an email with photos of 3 possible options, all very reasonably priced at £5.50. One pair was exactly what I was looking for so I paid up and she posted them first class on Monday. The earrings arrived yesterday and I am so happy with them I have them on today!

Whatever jewellery you are looking for, check out Funky Junk for excellent value and a first rate service.


  1. They are really great! Pity to hear about the old ones, I know you loved them!!

    I was thinking of christmas/wintery jewellry too, I spotted these snowball shaped ones in Avon, hoping to get them soon!

  2. Woo hoo - I knew that the FABULOUS Lindsay would be able to help you out! They are lovely!!

  3. Thanks girls! I will have a lot of fun wearing these this winter.

  4. Hey Fi! SO glad they arrived and you love them! Between you and the lovely Aimee from 'i am.....' Boutique you gave me the inspiration to do a Christmas range with these bits! I already had the FJJ Christmas Guide with pearls etc but I didn't think people would want Christmas-themed jewellery. Oh how wrong I was...! Now I want some too! :)

    Thanks girlies - and thanks, Fi, for taking the time to blog about it! I normally don't hear a peep after a customer orders (which is probably a good thing I guess!) so this was a lovely touch! x

  5. Hey, no problem! I'll check out what other Christmas goodies you have in stock too.