Monday, December 14, 2009

Outfit: A Little Bit Festive





Priceless over knee

After a busy weekend I’ve come back to work for a rest! I feel like I’m hurtling downhill towards Christmas and I still have a gift buy and a few things to post. I really must get organised this week.

I can’t decide whether I like this dress any more. I got it out last night as it was getting late and I needed something easy and warm for this morning. I’ve not worn it in ages and I don’t know whether to keep it now or eBay it. What do you think?

Red dress – Long Tall Sally (eBay)
Teal belt – Claire’s
Black OTK boots – Priceless Shoes
Teal beads – Claire’s

Total Est. Cost £36


  1. I'm not quite sure about this dress on you - perhaps the skirt is a bit long on it? The proportions just look a bit out, if you know what I mean? It does look better with the beads than without :-)

    It is very festive though :-)

  2. I do like it, the colour is great on you ... but it does seem to swamp you a bit!

  3. I agree - color is great, would be better shorter.... and it swamps you a bit with its heaviness.

  4. I think perhaps if you hemmed it to be knee-length, or even just above the knee, it would look much better. The color is amazing on you, though!