Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Outfit: Defiance





TG Rinding

I am so sick of the snow now. There, I said it. Snow, you know I love you but really? Four weeks? You’re having a laugh now. I have worn nothing on my feet out of doors in the last four weeks but my EMU boots or my Merrell boots. (Oh, I think I might have worn my flat purple boots out once in between times.) And I’m bored. Really bored. So, in an act of possibly foolish defiance (I may end up falling on my ass), I am wearing my riding boots out this evening. There’s a committee meeting of the local drama group in a pub just outside my village and I only have to go door-car-door so I should be OK.

Teal shrug – AnnTaylor Loft (charity shop)
Black polo neck – Long Tall Sally
Jeans – Gap
Black riding boots – Tall Girls
Teal beads – Claire’s

Total Est. Cost £103


  1. Cute green top :) This outfit makes you look super skinny :)


  2. Thanks hon! Definitely one to repeat if that's the case!