Monday, January 11, 2010

Outfit: Fantasy vs. Reality






Priceless Purple tall

If I had had the choice of footwear to go with this outfit, I would have chosen the purple boots you see in the indoor shots. If I didn't need to wear snow boots everytime I stepped outdoors. But guess what the weather is doing today? Did you guess snowing? Did you? You’d be right!

I got up at 6am, saw that it was snowing, and got back into bed again. When one of the young man’s friends pitched up on our doorstep at 7.45am having parked his van up on the main road because the traffic wasn’t going anywhere, I knew I had made the right decision.

So, once more, I am working from home and not wearing the fab outfit I had planned for today. I will keep that one for tomorrow and meanwhile, here is what I actually wore when I left the house at dinnertime. Did you guess the Merrell snow boots? Right again!



Merrell Waterproof

Grey sweater dress – Tall Girls
White thermal top – Marks & Spencer
Jeans – Gap
Purple boots – Priceless Shoes
Purple belt – Ethel Austin
Silver earrings – gifted
Silver diamante hairclip - Babyliss (Boots)

Total Est. Cost £87.50

Black coat (shortened) – Long Tall Sally
Merrell boots – Fitness Footwear (gifted)
Black belt – New Look Tall (free with a shirt)
Blue scarf – gifted

Total Est. Cost (inc. coat) £207.50


  1. great outside shots!!!!
    well done shoegal

  2. Thank you! I just need for the snow to go away for a bit now so I can get some proper outfit shots outside.