Friday, February 19, 2010

More FitFlop Rumours

Well the rumour mill has certainly been working overtime this week, hasn’t it? A further rumour from the FitFlop blog foretells the coming of FitFlop SuperBoots! Like the SuperTrainer I mentioned earlier in the week, these boots will feature the patented Microwobbleboard™ technology for which FitFlops are famous. The boots will be available in a short and tall version, in leather and suede.

Personally I am very excited about these – a fitness shoe that promises to look more like a fashion boot than a sports shoe and will tone my legs as I walk? Sign me up! Sadly no images are available as yet, but as soon as I have more information I will share it with you.

FitFlop SuperBoots will be available from Fitness Footwear from around September and UK shipping will once again be free.


  1. The boots that they brought out this winter were certainly not fashion boots! The Fit Flop technology is to big and chunky to work in a fashion style - I think!

  2. I'm quite excited at the prospect of these too - as long as they don't turn out too chunky, as Boutique Girl says. Looking forward to the pics!

  3. Yes I saw those - a bit of an ugg-style/FitFlop hybrid, weren't they?! Well I will post pics as soon as I find some so we shall see.

  4. I have been getting super cute/healthy boots from Earth Footwear for years. Not too many boots to see on their website right now, but lots of sandals for Spring. Guessing there will be more boots for Fall.