Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Skechers Shape Ups Update

Skechers Shape Ups

You may remember a while back that Fitness Footwear sent me a pair of Skechers Shape Ups. I have been wearing them weekly to the gym, but also for general walking around. I think they are the most comfortable trainers I have ever owned and I am so pleased that I was lucky enough to be offered a pair to test out.

Skechers Shape Ups promise to improve your posture, tone your muscles, improve circulation and reduce cellulite. So, how well do they measure up to what they promise to do?

When I walk in the shape ups I definitely stand taller and walk with a better posture due to the rounded angled shape of the soles. I can also feel my legs and core muscles working harder to maintain balance when wearing the shoes as I am used to either a flat sole or heels, not something with a curved sole. My legs are certainly more toned than they used to be. Overall I would say they measure up very well to what the label promises and would be happy to recommend these shoes to my friends and blog readers.

I would definitely recommend these Skechers Shape Ups to anyone who enjoys walking as a form of exercise as they are a good way of putting in that extra bit of effort without you really noticing. If you are a fan of Fit Flops these shoes are a great winter alternative – after all, a flip flop style shoe is not much use when it is cold and raining outside.

I have thoroughly enjoyed testing out the Skechers Shape Ups and will continue to wear them through the coming spring and summer months.

Skechers Shape Ups are available from Fitness Footwear in men’s and women’s sizes. A variety of styles and colours are available, from the traditional trainer style to the new Mary Jane style and faux fur lined suede boots. They are priced from £79.95.

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