Friday, March 05, 2010

Basse Mode – The Magazine for Real Women

You may remember a few weeks back I told you about a project I was working on with a couple of friends, and asked you to fill out a questionnaire for research purposes. Thank you to everyone who clicked through and completed the survey, you have been a great help.

I can now tell you that the project has been titled Basse Mode (low fashion in French) and the associated blog has now gone live! It is a magazine aimed at real women. When we say real women, we don’t mean to imply that some women are not real in some way – of course all women are real. What we mean is real in the sense that the spreads will feature women who have not been airbrushed beyond recognition, women who are not all the stick-thin size which has become the fashion industry’s standard for models of late. It will be more representative of women as a whole, covering a broad spectrum of shapes and sizes – tall, petite, slim, fuller-figured, and everything inbetween. It will feature wearable, affordable clothes and outfits, designed to suit real life. We are all really excited about this and hope you will be too.

The project started as a discussion on Twitter between Lauren and me about how we were sick of the expensive and unwearable items featured in the fashion shoots of glossy magazines, and I said there should be something similar to style blogs, only in magazine format. Emma chimed in with her (very welcome) opinion and before we knew it, the discussion had spiralled and become a reality. As I mentioned, the blog is now up and running and the ultimate aim is to launch an actual glossy magazine. To get to that stage though, we need your help. Please visit the blog at Basse Mode and leave us a comment to let us know what you think and whether you would be interested in contributing. If you are a business or represent a brand and would be interested in helping us with sponsorship, please get in touch.

We hope we can provide a real alternative to the magazines that are out there at present and we hope we can count on your support to do that.

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  1. Sounds a fab idea - I had a look at the website earlier - through a link someone had on there page :D

    CC xXx