Friday, March 26, 2010

Review: Merrell Waterpro Pandi Sandals

Merrell Pandi

When Fitness Footwear asked me to test out a pair of their women’s sandals, I thought that I wasn’t really a walking sandals type of girl. But then I spotted the Merrell Waterpro Pandi Mary Jane style-trainer type shoes in a lovely grey and purple, and I decided I could definitely wear those. Look, they even have tiny flowers painted on them.

Merrell Trainers

They are designed with a mesh top so that any water runs straight out of them. I think they will be useful as beach sandals come the summer too, as any sand will just fall out once you leave the beach.

They have an air cushioned sole and are very comfortable, and the old-school hook and look closure makes them easy to put on and take off – no faffing with tangled laces!

The Merrell Waterpro Pandi sandals are available for £58.45, and as with everything at Fitness Footwear, UK shipping is free.

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