Friday, April 16, 2010

Outfit: Sunny Friday





NL Turquoise flat

I had a whole other outfit planned out for today – a sunny Friday in work. As it has turned out though I am not in work and it was not particularly sunny when I got up. I am working from home again as my car was not ready yesterday teatime due to a part having to be ordered in. It will need re-testing for its MOT today too.

The good news is that the sun has now put in an appearance as you can see from my pictures. The forecast is for a good weekend so perhaps today’s original outfit will be worn tomorrow.

I made the cardigan clip myself yesterday. It took about two minutes to attach an old bracelet to a pair of shoe clips/earrings I was given for my birthday. As a result I feel very Emma Pilsbury today.

Grey cashmere cardi – Marks & Spencer (eBay)
Grey stripe top – Dorothy Perkins Tall
Jeans – River Island
Turquoise shoes – New Look
Cardigan clip – self made
Bracelet – gifted
Sunglasses – Ethel Austin

Total Est. Cost £108


  1. Cute shoes and cardi clips--you should sell the clips on Etsy, they are really nice

  2. Love the blog - you have great style!

    One teeny point - please get a new banner! Hurts my eyes!

    Keep it up :)