Sunday, May 30, 2010

Review: Vita Liberata tan

The bottle says that 99% of people found this product odourless. 99% of people are wrong. There is a scent to the lotion when you first apply it and although I could not detect the ‘biscuity’ fake tan smell on application, when I got into bed a few hours later the smell was definitely there, albeit faintly.

This is a body lotion with a built in gradual tanner, so the colour after the first application is not great. The bottle says it takes 3-5 days to build up a light tan and by day 2 the colour is noticeable but still natural. I applied the tanner around 4.30pm on day 2, took a shower around 10.15pm and this didn’t seem to affect the development of the colour. It did however get rid of the smell to avoid complaints from the young man when I got into bed.

By day 3 the colour was as can be seen in these pictures. Not overly tanned but definitely enough to take the edge of my whiteness and mean that people don’t need to wear sunglasses just because I have my legs out!

Since then I have been using the lotion every 2 or 3 days to keep the colour topped up but not too dark.

The lotion is easy to apply and although I found it didn’t completely rub in, when I left it for a few minutes it did sink in to my skin leaving my legs silky smooth. The smell is only really noticeable at night if you apply it straight before bed, so if you are a person that tans in the morning, you should be OK and find the smell minimal.

I think I would buy this again and it is available from ASOS for £11.50.

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