Monday, June 07, 2010

Now I Know How Amber Feels...

UPDATE: The imposter has come clean - it turns out it was someone I knew who used my blog URL by mistake and has now removed it. So, crisis averted, normal service is resumed, as you were etc.

My friend Amber has been impersonated online, ooh, 3 times I think now. And each time she writes a funny blog post about it and we all laugh and say ‘it could only happen to you’.

Until now.

It’s happening to me people. There’s nothing really for me to make a fuss about, and no harm has been done, as yet, but if you get a comment on your blog from someone called SuspiciousCat (using a DISQUS account) then you should be very suspicious indeed. For SuspiciousCat is using my blog URL as their own and so all their comments are linking back here. So if you’ve just arrived here following a link from SuspiciousCat’s comments, hi! Welcome, please take a look around.

Like I said, there is no harm done so far and I have created my own DISQUS account and replied to all the comments pointing out that this person has nothing to do with my blog. I have also posted a reply asking SuspiciousCat to cease using my URL immediately, and they will hopefully be notified of all my comments. I can’t see a way to contact a DISQUS member directly so if anyone knows of a way, please let me know. I have contacted DISQUS to let them know of this problem and asked them to tell this person to remove my URL.

I only found out this was happening as someone whose blog I’d apparently left a comment on came back and commented on mine leaving me thinking ‘huh? I don’t remember saying that’. I dug a bit deeper and discovered what is happening.

So beware imposters folks, it could happen to you. Just make sure the Shoegal commenting on your blog is the genuine article.

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