Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Review: Scholl Nail Brightening System

Scholl kindly sent me a selection of their products to try out last week. The first one I tried over the weekend was the Nail Brightening System. This consists of a very clever 3-in-1 pen. Step one is the little file at the tip of the pen which you use to buff your toenails and rid them of any discolouration. Step two is the gel which you paint on (and which unscrews in completely the opposite direction to what you would expect). Step three is to paint your nails with a shiny polish which can be used as a base coat, or you can apply a second coat to use it as a clear nail varnish. I found this really good to apply as the whole of the pen length is the handle of the varnish brush, making it a far more controlled application than a regular polish.

I tend to keep my toenails painted the whole year round but I will definitely use this kit every time I take off my polish. With regular use I am sure that this will make a difference to the condition of my nails.

Scholl’s Nail Brightening System is currently half price at £4.99 on the Scholl website and can be bought here.

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