Sunday, July 04, 2010

Shoeperwoman’s Shoe Challenge

Way back in January, Shoperwoman issued a challenge to the style blogging world. Wear every pair of shoes you own within a year or lose the ones you don’t wear. I don’t know how many pairs I have and I am far too lazy to go and count them all, but a quick glance at my Flickr photo sets puts the figures somewhere in the region of 54 pairs of shoes and 31 pairs of boots. I am not including flip flops in this as I don’t count them as shoes – more or leisure wear – and neither and I including trainers and walking boots as I don’t think they should be worn outside the gym or other sports/walking activities.

Now, as the challenge started back on January 26th, I am rather late to the party. In an attempt to play catch-up I have counted up how many pairs of shoes I have worn in the 159 days since that date. Here are the pairs that I have worn so far:

#1 January 26th: Blue flat boots, Priceless Shoes

#2 January 27th: Red flat boots, Shoe Express (eBay)

#3 January 28th: Brown knee high boots, New Look (eBay)

#4 January 29th: Red heels, NOW Discount Shoes

#5 January 30th: Pink patent flats, Ethel Austin

#6 February 1st: Purple shoe boots, Priceless Shoes

#7 February 2nd: Tan boots, Barratts

#8 February 3rd: Blue faux suede boots, Priceless Shoes

#9 February 5th: Brown cowboy boots, New Look

#10 February 10th: Grey OTK boots, Priceless Shoes

#11 February 13th: Black OTK boots, Priceless Shoes

#12 February 17th: Blue patent heels, New Look

#13 February 17th (evening): Snakeskin heels, Matalan

#14 February 18th: Red heels, Next

#15 February 19th: Green suede boots, River Island

#16 February 20th: Silver glitter heels, New Look

#17 February 23rd: Black patent boots, Barratts

#18 March 2nd: Purple faux suede boots, Next

#19 March 3rd: Pink faux suede flat boots, NOW Discount Shoes

#20 March 4th: Black and cream heels, Next (charity shop)

#21 March 8th: Yellow wedges, Priceless Shoes

#22 March 9th: Leopard print heels, Next

#23 March 15th: Turquoise flats, New Look

#24 March 16th: Black peep toe heels, New Look (charity shop)

#25 March 18th: Grey and white heels, Ks Shoes (charity shop)

#26 March 21st (am): Blue metallic heels, Office

#27 March 21st (pm): Leopard print flats, Priceless Shoes (eBay)

#28 March 22nd: Red flats, Matalan

#29 March 23rd: Silver flats, Priceless Shoes

#30 March 24th: Blue suede shoe boots, New Look

#31 March 25th: Black patent lace ups, Matalan

#32 March 26th: Brown heels, New Look (eBay)

#33 March 31st: Leopard print heels, Betsey Johnson (Fashion Stage)

#34 April 2nd: Black platform heels, Ethel Austin

#35 April 6th: Navy patent heel, Magrit (outlet mall)

#36 April 8th: Grey faux suede heels, New Look (charity shop)

#37 April 9th: Turquoise peep top heels, New Look (charity shop)

#38 April 10th: Pewter sandals, Dorothy Perkins

#39 April 12th: Tweed heels, Matalan

#40 April 26th: White Mary-Janes, Priceless Shoes

#41 April 28th: Teal faux suede wedges, Matalan

#42 May 7th: Black flats, Priceless Shoes

#43 May 11th: Red boots, Nine West (Century 21)

#44 May 12th: Grey faux suede flat boots, Priceless Shoes

#45 May 17th: Brown ankle strap heels, Roberto Vianni (Debenhams)

#46 May 18th: Red strappy wedges, New Look (charity shop)

#47 May 21st: Silver gladiator sandals, eBay

#48 May 24th: Pewter jewelled sandals, New Look

#49 May 27th: Zebra print flats, George at Asda (eBay)

#50 June 2nd: Navy and white stripe flats, New Look

#51 June 8th (pm): Red boots, Goszip (charity shop)

#52 June 14th: Black and cream Mary-Janes, Matalan

#53 June 16th: Blue suede ruffle t bars, Love Label (

#54 June 24th: Pink ankle straps, Nine West (Debenhams)

#55 June 25th: Purple fabric flats, Dunnes Stores

#56 June 28th: Purple heels, Buffalo London (Sarenza)

#57 June 29th: Red wedges, Orchard (Brantano)

#58 June 30th: Purple Lady Dragon Hearts, Vivienne Westwood for Melissa (Shudoo)

#59 July 2nd: White flats, Priceless Shoes

#60 July 4th: Red wedges, River Island

I would have posted pictures but I think that would be excessive! I didn’t think I would have worn so many to be honest.  Every pair listed is featured in a photograph on or around the date they were worn, so check out the blog archives for pictures.

Well, 60 pairs in 159 days isn’t bad going really. That leaves, what? 24 more pairs (many of which are boots) to wear in the next 6 months or so. Sounds doable to me! My only problem will be figuring out which ones I have yet to wear!

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  1. Great challenge - love the use it or lose it concept. xx