Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Contest! Win £60 to Spend on Shoes At Sarenza!

Buffalo Sixtina

Remember how Sarenza sent me these fabulous shoes to style up to try to win a trip to Paris? Sadly I didn’t win, but to reward you all for being fantastic and voting for me, Sarenza are now offering you the chance to win a £60 voucher to spend on some gorgeous shoes from their site! A wide selection of great brands are available, such as Buffalo (which my shoes are), Melissa (including the Vivienne Westwood collaboration), Fly London, Rocket Dog and many more.

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post stating why you deserve new shoes. A week later Sarenza will pick their top 5 comments, then I will choose one of these 5 as the winner.

The contest closes at 12 noon Wednesday 18th August 2010.

Good luck!


  1. I'd love some new shoes because I had to do a massive clear out last week and my locla charity shop got TWENTY FIVE pairs of my shoes :-(

    So, it's time to rebuild my collection!

    Great blog BTW - read it every day with my morning coffee!

  2. I'd love a new pair of shoes because I'm moving into a house full of boys at the end of the month and deserve something pretty to look at whilst coping with all that!!


  3. What a fantastic way to earn a few brownie points from my girlfriend........not that I need them you understand, but sexy shoes would match her sexy legs perfectly !


  4. I really *need* some new shoes - I've worn a hole in my favourite Oasis quilted flats and it's piddling it down with rain, so I've got wet toes!

    If you choose me, I think I'd get some of those Vivienne Westwood jelly shoes - perfect for rainy London weather :)

  5. Ooh, Melissa! I deserve this because I was going to grab Melissas from Ideeli but there was a weird error. Lost!!! Please let me win!!!

  6. I deserve a pair of new shoes because after being made redundant recently, my budget for new shoes has dropped dramatically! i would love a new pair of killer heels to attend my interviews in! (or to wear around the house while frantically trying to re-do my CV!)

  7. Doesn't a girl always "deserve" new shoes? :-)

  8. I'm running a half-marathon in a couple of months so have been playing it safe and wearing only flat shoes recently. The problem is, that I only have one pair of dressy flat shoes for work and they're wearing kind of thin!

    If I won I'd definitely be hitting up the flat pump section (or maybe the Skechers spectra because they're just adorable!)

    - CJ

  9. I would really like/want/need the shoes please!! All I have is a tatty pair of flip flops and fluffy red slippers. All my heels are dead (may they rest in peace). It would be nice to be able to leave the house again in something pretty!

    Natalie x

  10. I deserve shoes. Lots of shoes. Because it is my birthday AND wedding anniversary on 29th August, and because I just bought VW Melissa's that dont fit and I am not absolutely heartbroken at having to return them. Winning £60 for Sarenza would certainly put a smile back on my face!!

  11. I don't only deserve new shoes, but I NEED them - as my shoes have apparently decided to participate in some sinister suicide pact involving them all dying at once!

    I either need new shoes or a new cobbler... :D

  12. I need new shoes because I'm having a tough time at work and with family right now, and looking down to see some pretty shoes on my feet would definitely help to get me through it.

  13. At just 14 I am av budding "shoegal" myself, and £60 to spend on shoes would help me on my way to shoe heaven!

  14. I'd love to win because I need to move out of ballet pumps and into something a bit more fashion-forward. I could do with a bit of advice from experts - I feel very confident with my clothing choices, but not at all when it comes to shoes strangely. I always let myself down whe it comes to footwear. xx

  15. Less "deserve" more "need".

    Shelter, food, water, new shoes - Life's essentials.

    I've been buying all the back to school gear for my girls, would be great to have my own guilt free back to school shoes. I am a part time teacher, when the job gets me down I could always look at my feet!