Sunday, September 12, 2010

Outfit: Partying Like It’s 1999!





The hen do was fantastic. S had booked Party Bus to drive us around the city centre. We met up for a meal at the restaurant where the bus picked up. I don’t think the bus driver was too familiar with Bristol city centre though as we did plenty of going around in circles between bars and at one point went down a very narrow street that tapered to an archway at the bottom which was far too small for a double decker bus. The driver then had to reverse and turn round which added to the comedy value of the whole thing. We were dropped at the Revolution Vodka bar, then Walkabout, an 80s club called Reflex and finally Oceania down on the water front.

The theme for dressing up was the 90s which is actually pretty difficult to do. But everyone made an effort and we had a Britney Spears, an Uma Thurman (from Pulp Fiction) and a Courtney Love. I went for a velvet dress and a velvet hat – you know the style – floppy brim with a flower at the front. Everyone had them back in 1995.

I managed to keep my shoes on until after the second bar, when I changed back into the fold up flats I’d walked across the city in. Some of the other girls were struggling with their feet too (including S, whose vintage shoes from 1998 started to fall apart!) so they were very pleased to see a Rollasole roll up shoes vending machine in Reflex. Yes I walked across the city dress like that, hat and all. I got a few odd looks, especially in Marks and Spencer where I had to call for an emergency underskirt purchase.

Blue velvet dress – Long Tall Sally (eBay)
Black tights – M&Co
Black patent shoes – Matalan
Black velvet hat – eBay
Whitby Jet cross – gifted
Cream bead bracelets – Diamonds and Pearls

Total Est. Cost £42

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