Saturday, September 11, 2010

Review: Estée Lauder Face Primer Plus Smoothing Matte Base

Estee Lauder Face Primer Plus

Until last Sunday I had never used a foundation primer, but I am a total convert. I was fed up of the oil slick my forehead and chin become anytime from mid-morning onwards and although the fixing spray I use was helping a lot, it was not completely eliminating the problem. I went for the Estée Lauder product because I use their foundation and I figured this would work well with their primer. I am pleased to report that the combination of the primer and fixing spray have solved my oil problem completely and I shall definitely be buying more of this. It holds my make up in place all day, even through a session at the gym and there is not a trace of oil to be found (which is just as well as the oil blotting sheets I use have just been discontinued – gah to you Clinique!).

Estée Lauder Face Primer Plus Smoothing Matte Base can be bought for £20 at Boots.

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