Sunday, November 07, 2010

Sunday and Week Off Recap

I’m back! I love blogging but truth be told, I do enjoy a little break from it now and then. Life can often get very busy, especially when I’m off work, and sometimes there just isn’t time for blogging.

This week the house has been a complete mess and most days I have been in my scruffy falling apart jeans and a grey hoodie. The few times I have ventured out I’ve been in a black top and jeans, so nothing really blog-worthy anyway.

The bedroom is now decorated. The young man glossed all the skirting boards upstairs at the beginning of the week, and I packed up my wardrobes in the spare room. We moved most of the furniture from upstairs into the conservatory and on Thursday the new carpets were laid. Thursday afternoon and evening I put everything back into my wardrobes.

The new carpet is a pale brown and covers the stairs, landing and all three bedrooms. The master bedroom walls are now a pale brown colour (the paint is named Lauren, much to the amusement of my two friends named Lauren) and one wall is a darker brown, Cocoa Bean. We purchased some lovely dark brown curtains whilst we were in B&Q too. Our old duvet cover and throw/quilt didn’t really go with the new colour scheme so I had a hunt about online for something new. We spotted the Kylie Minogue at Home range and loved it, so I went to Debenhams and bought a duvet cover and pillow cases. The set I had chosen had little diamantes stuck on it and some of them had fallen off and were missing when I opened the packet. So back it went and I went to House of Fraser (the Debenhams in town doesn’t stock the Kylie range and I had been at the mall the day before) and purchased the set below. It is a much creamier colour than it looks here and is the loveliest bed linen I have ever had.

Malay bed linen

The store didn’t have a throw in stock (well they did, but it had a mark on it) so one is on order online and I hope to be in possession of it sometime next week.

Friday night we went to the firework display and bonfire at one of the pubs just outside the village. It was a really good display. Afterwards we walked up to our friend’s house and let off some Chinese lanterns, breaking every rule on the instruction leaflet – consuming alcohol, letting them off in over a 5mph wind, lighting them indoors (because of the wind). We finished the night in the pub.

There were going to be outfit shots from today, but my camera has decided to do its occasional trick of unformatting the SD card by itself, so the pictures have been wiped. It wasn’t anything very exciting anyway – just jeans, EMU boots, a white long sleeve t, grey sweater and a coat. We walked up to see the young man’s parents, then to a local garden centre, to a pub in the next village for a late lunch and then back home, via the retail park. We must have walked around 9 or 10 miles in all, which was lovely, making the most of the cold but sunny day. It’s back to work tomorrow but at least it’s not long now until I’m off again for Christmas, and I have a day’s holiday still left to take in between now and then.

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