Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Outfit: Dressember #7 and New Boots!






Sarenza Bocage Dimao boots

The snow has finally receded enough (where I need to walk today anyway) for me not to need my snow boots, the first time in 10 days. Mind you, this is only because I was parked on the drive at home and can park right outside the door at work. It was also the first time in I can’t remember how long that I did not have to scrape either ice or snow off my car. I’m not sure why my car wasn’t iced up as it was definitely below freezing this morning, but it definitely makes life easier not to have to scrape.

This is that grey dress I asked about removing the sleeves a couple of weeks ago. As you can see, the sleeves are now gone and I think it will be all the more versatile for the alteration.

The boots were a gift from Sarenza. Their high heel race took place in Paris over the weekend, and you can read all about it here.

Grey dress – Long Tall Sally
Black sweater – Long Tall Sally
Black tights – Tesco
Leopard print boots – Bocage at Sarenza (gifted)
Tan Obi belt – ASOS
Silver hoops – gifted
Faux pearls – charity shop
Cream bead bracelet (worn as ring) – Diamonds & Pearls

Total Est. Cost £76

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