Monday, January 24, 2011

Outfit: Shoeper Challenge #87 and a Day At Home





George tartan flats

I know I said I had finished the Shoeper Challenge back at Christmas, but I just managed to sneak in one new pair in the January sales. They were reduced to £3 in Asda and I couldn’t resist! As the challenge finishes on Wednesday I knew I had to wear them sharpish or risk losing them.

I am working at home again today as the garage have my car back in, hopefully to repair it this time. I am in layers as I am trying to resist putting the heating on. I have decided on my items for the 30 for 30 so I’m trying to wear things that are not on that list so I don’t bore myself with my 30 items before the challenge starts. I will post pictures of my 30 items next weekend before the start date of 1st February.

Grey cardi – New Look Tall
Grey polo neck – Long Tall Sally
Jeans – River Island
Tartan flats – George at Asda
Red beads – Ethel Austin
Silver hoops – gifted

Total Est. Cost £86

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  1. I like doing your pose because it seems to magically make my double, no make that triple chin disappear!

    I awarded you the stylish blogger award...have a look!