Friday, March 11, 2011

Outfit: Frocking Friday






Barratt Tan

It’s Friday again! Woo hoo! Monday mornings seem to come around with alarming regularity but so do Fridays which is just as well. Fridays are different for me as I travel across the city to the main office. It’s further away but there are at least some girls in my department at that office – where I work the rest of the week it’s just me and a load of fellas. That has its advantages – my own personal bathroom, screaming like a girl when a wasp comes in the window and getting away with it because, well, I am the only girl, but there’s not really anyone to appreciate my shoes, talk about girly things or take a trip to Matalan at dinner time.


I had thought this top would go well with this dress when I got the top, but as the dress wasn’t one of my 30 items I had to wait to try it out.


My hairdresser blow dried my hair all bouncy yesterday which is why it looks the way it does. That’s the ultimate dream, isn’t it? To have a hairdresser on hand to style your hair whenever you want.

As I set off earlier on a Friday it was still a bit dark for taking pictures in the conservatory today.

I need some darker navy tights to go with this dress I think.

Navy dress – Next
Navy and cream stripe top – Forever 21
Navy tights – New Look
Tan leather belt – River Island
Tan boots – Barratts
Silver bling ring – River Island
Silver cross necklace – gifted
Silver hoops – gifted
Blue bead bracelet – gifted

Total Est. Cost £122


  1. I love this outfit, I was going to comment about how fab your hair looks then I read that your hairdryer did it, brill. It's looking so much longer, I was also going to ask if you're wearing your hair extensions but clearly you're not :)

  2. Thank you! I loved this outfit too. And yes, my hair is getting quite long now. I want it a few inches longer though.

  3. Thank you! I really liked this outfit.