Thursday, March 31, 2011

Review: L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Fresh Feel Gel

Last week my friend recommended Sublime Bronze Fresh Feel gel as a self tanner. She said she liked the smell. She had some in her bag that she had just bought so I gave it a sniff and sure enough it smelt fruity rather than biscuity, the way most self tanners do.

I decided to give it a try myself and picked some up in Boots for £9.62 (Boots currently have a ‘save 1/3’ offer on selected self tanning products).

I tried it out on Tuesday afternoon. As it’s a gel it applied smoothly and evenly. The tube says it dries quickly. After 20 minutes my legs still felt tacky but I gave up waiting and got dressed. The fruity scent was still there when I got dressed, but soon the old familiar biscuit smell appeared too. I showered before bed (about 5 hours after application) and this got rid of the smell for a time, but once I was in bed I could smell it again (I think it is more prominent the warmer your skin gets).

Wednesday morning my legs had turned a lovely bronzed colour and felt silky smooth, but the smell was still there. I am disappointed with this as the colour is nigh on perfect but the fake tan smell is just too strong for me. I will pass the rest of my tube on to the friend that likes it, and will return to the brand I found I liked last year.

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