Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Closet Cleanout

I cleared out 4 pairs of shoes at the weekend (yeah, there might be some new pairs on the way though...) but I am also looking at ways to slim line my closet. I have embarked upon a challenge similar to the Shoeper Challenge in that I am giving myself a year to wear everything hanging in my closet. I am keeping track of this by turning the hangers around once an item has been worn. I had a fairly big clear out during the 30 for 30 and who knows, if there’s another 30x30 in the spring or summer I might feel similarly inspired. However, anything on a hanger that is still facing the right way come December 31st this year (an outfit blog is a great way to see what you have and haven’t worn so I’ve been doing the hanger thing for a few weeks now and looked back so I could include everything worn since the start of 2011) is out. I think a year is a fair amount of time and the only exception to this rule is evening/occasion dresses (though we have 4 more weddings to attend this year so there’s a chance even they will all get worn). I will let you know how I get on!


  1. I did the hanger thing the year before I started the Shoe Challenge, and it was a huge help in forcing me to wear things. I don't think I actually ended up getting rid of much, but it really helped me start putting things together in ways I probably would't have tried before, because rather than just reaching for the same old favourites all the time, I'd make an effort to wear the stuff that hadn't been worn yet. I should really do it again, but my closets are so crowded now that I can't see what's in there even with the hangers turned round!

  2. Such a good idea! I need to do something similar...