Monday, May 23, 2011

Outfit: Spots and Stripes Take 2






Magrit Navy

Yes, I’m mixing spots and stripes again! I intend to remix this skirt with every navy and/or white item I own, plus some blue and red ones as well, so you’ll be seeing plenty of it this summer.



It is so windy today, and it was yesterday too. It kept pouring with rain yesterday, sometimes whilst the sun was still shining. I went to church in the morning and by the time I had been rained on twice and blown about by the gale force winds, I wasn’t really in the mood for taking pictures, so there aren’t any. I spent the afternoon watching episodes of Gossip Girl – I am completed addicted – punctuated by vacuuming, hanging out the washing and ironing. It was a thoroughly lazy afternoon and it was wonderful. I’ve had a sore neck since Friday morning (I think I must have slept funny or something) and sitting quietly yesterday with my wheat bag bear on my shoulder seemed to work wonders. I did feel bit guilty about microwaving my bear though, but there’s no choice as his wheat bag inside is sewn in.

Navy and green stripe top – H&M
Navy and white polka dot skirt – Dorothy Perkins
Navy shoes – Magrit (outlet mall)
Silver bling ring – River Island
Silver hoops – gifted
Green beads – I Am..... Boutique
Blue bead bracelet – gifted

Total Est. Cost £55


  1. This is really cute. I haven't been brave enough to try the pattern mixing yet. Maybe small steps? Your shoes are great too!

  2. I'm off to Derby 2morra in search of this top.....