Sunday, May 22, 2011

Thrifted Dress

There is a charity shop close to where I work. It’s in an old church so the floor space is fairly sizeable. I had never ventured in before but as it was so lovely out one day a couple of weeks back, I decided to take a wander down the road and check it out. Well, it’s a thrifter’s paradise. There is furniture galore, a huge table full of vintage crockery and knick knacks (there’s an impressive collection of house-shaped tea pots there at the moment), books, toys, and a selection of clothing. Well of course I went to check out the clothing. I found a few vintage dresses, most certainly from the 1980s judging by the style of some of them. There was also a black leather blazer waiting for someone who is size 12 but with shorter arms than me (I tried it on, it was too good not to), for just £5. I even saw a double video cassette recorder – you know, the kind that took two tapes so you could copy video to video, or record two programmes at once. The prices are proper old school charity shop prices too - £5 for that leather blazer and most of the dresses at just £2.50.

I was complimented on my shoes, twice, and I found a vintage dress to take home with me. It is sweatshirt fabric, 1980s I would say. There is no brand but the label says Made in England and 100% polyester. There is no bobbling and the inside is still silky smooth and soft, suggesting that is has barely been worn, if at all. Of course it’s too warm to wear such an item right now, but it is in my wardrobe, patiently awaiting the start of fall.

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