Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tall Ranges to Diminish on the High Street?

When I went into my local DP on Monday and asked where the Tall range had gone (they’re always moving it around) I was informed that there were some trousers and jeans available, mixed in with the rest of the trousers and jeans, but that Arcadia were phasing out Talls altogether. As there are currently just 4 places on the high street that I can buy Tall clothing (New Look, Topshop, Dorothy Perkins and Long Tall Sally) this news was distressing to say the least. My shopping haunts seemed to be about to be halved, and even then Long Tall Sally are not in every town (my nearest stores are Manchester or York, neither of which are particularly near).

I contacted the press offices of both Topshop and Dorothy Perkins for their comments. Topshop got back to me and said that there were no plans to phase out the Tall line as it is very popular (as I would expect it to be, given the lack of choice available to anyone over 5’8”). They also said that Dorothy Perkins and Topshop are totally separate businesses and so staff of one would not know what the other is doing (and directed me to the DP press office, who I had already emailed, and who have not replied). However, this sales lady definitely said that Arcadia as a whole was phasing it out. I can only hope she was wrong about DP too.

Yes there is the option of online shopping, but why should I have to pay shipping on goods that are not available in the bricks and mortar stores, just because I am tall? How is that fair? I have said it before and will say it again: retailers, if you stock products on your website that are not available in your stores, SHIPPING SHOULD BE FREE. Yes, Next, I am talking to you. I love your Tall lines, but why should it cost me £3.95 extra because you choose not to stock the items in your stores?

My local Dorothy Perkins is getting the Petite range back though, the sales lady informed me cheerfully. So that’s alright then.


  1. Wow, that's tremendously unfair, and really surprising - I honestly can't understand why they would do that, surely it must sell well given the lack of choice?

    I totally agree on free shipping or something on products not available in store. Dorothy Perkins are particularly guilty of this: I have a press card for them which gives me a fairly substantial discount, but it can only be used in store. I've had this card since January and have NEVER used it, because my local store NEVER has the items I've seen online, and even when I do find something I want in store, they NEVER have my size. (And I'm not exaggerating: I have honestly never seen my size in that store in anything, and I now make a point of looking at even the things I don't want to buy, just to see if they have it. They don't.) Infuriating. It's actually made me less likely to order from their website, too, because I see things I like, and resent paying more for them. Gah.

  2. I don't know whether they still do it or not, but Arcadia used to do a service where you could order things in store and have them delivered ot the store for free, same as Next do. They have never ever publicised it widely, but the items come direct from their warehouse and come in on the regular deliveries (hence it being free). Worth a punt if they have stuff you want online but not in stores.
    I agree that it sucks big time about the lack of tall ranges, I have long despaired over it and could rant for hours and hours and hours. Even LTS isn't that great these days, as they seem to be making their sizes really oddly (not all tall women have enormous breasts) and the ranges have become IMO very bland and MOR. That said, I do get the odd piece in there and it is great for work wear. I did pick up a nice jersey pencil skirt the other week.
    I would be devastated if Topshop Tall went, they make the BEST leggings ever.