Monday, June 20, 2011

Outfit: 30x30 Day 8, Outfit 8





Next Tan Wedges

I’m thinking of quitting the 30x30. There I said it. Yes, I know it’s lame as we’re only a week in, but I am really struggling with it this time around. It’s a combination of factors: it’s supposed to be a summer remix but the weather is not co-operating (rain is forecast for every day this week after today), we have next week booked off work now and most of my items are work clothes, I am just not a summer girl – last night I was dreaming about an outfit consisting of black trousers, a black polo neck and my bright red suede booties and I can’t wait for the opportunity to wear that! I feel I should be making more use of my summer shoes on the limited number of days the weather is actually suitable to wear them, and I want the option to wear boots when it’s raining (I didn’t include any boots as it’s supposed to be summer!). Perhaps I’ll just continue to the end of the week and then quit as we’ll be off work and doing who knows what.



Anyway, back to today. I was going to wear my grey dress, but I’ve worn it a bunch of times already and wanted to make the most of the sunshine and wear my wedges. I completely changed my outfit and went for the crop chinos instead.

Blue cardi – Ethel Austin
Blue and white stripe tank – River Island
Brown crop chinos – New Look Tall
Tan wedges – Next
Blue necklace – Dorothy Perkins
Blue ring – Dorothy Perkins
Blue bead bracelet – gifted
Silver hoops – gifted

Total Est. Cost £68


  1. Well before you quite I hope you style these lovely crop pants at least once more, you look amazing in them! Shorties like me can't really do that, but you look gorgeous :-)

    And such a wonderful colour combination with the tan and light blue too!

  2. Thanks Kerry!
    I do love these pants and will continue wearing them, even if I quit. Which I might not. I must remember they need a belt though - they're falling down a bit today!