Thursday, July 07, 2011

New Boots from Sarenza!

Blue suede boots2

As part of my role as a brand ambassador for Sarenza I picked out these fabulous navy blue suede boots by Planisphere. The side view was taken with the flash, the front view without.

Blue suede boots

I can’t wait to style them up (probably with my new John Rocha skirt I got yesterday) and if this rain keeps up, it won’t be long before it’s cool enough to wear them. Thank you to the lovely people at Sarenza for letting my participate in the blogger programme.


  1. Thanks Fi!

    We love having you on our programme :) Like you said with this typical British summer weather, you'll have lots of opportunity to wear them soon!

  2. Thanks again for sending them to me. It's set to cool down next week I think.