Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Shoes!


I am finally the owner of a pair of Converse. Now, I know what you’re thinking. I am not a trainers/sports shoe kind of girl and you’re right, I’m not. But my recent trip to London had me wishing I owned something lighter than trainers yet just as comfy to walk around in so I used part of a Spartoo gift voucher to get myself a pair of Converse pumps. I had a pair of canvas boot pumps (which might have been genuine converse or might have been a copy, I can’t remember) when I was about 12 or 13 and I lived in them at least one summer, if not two. I think I wore them until they fell apart, they were so comfy.

I had a few problems getting hold of the package though. Spartoo dispatched it around Friday 15th July and entrusted it to DHL/Yodel. Monday morning Yodel’s website was updated to say it they had received the data and were awaiting collection. When it still said that on Wednesday morning, I phoned them and asked what they were doing (nothing) and when I could expect delivery? They said they didn’t know and I needed to contact the retailer as the package hadn’t been dispatched.

I called Spartoo and they said it definitely had been dispatched and that Yodel’s website often said they hadn’t received packages when they in fact had. I have asked this question before, and will ask it again – Yodel, what is the point of having online tracking if you are not going to update your website? Secondly – retailers – if you know how bad a courier company is, why do you keep using them?

Friday morning the status was FINALLY updated to say the package was out for delivery. Friday afternoon the status changed again to say ‘unable to locate’. What does that mean Yodel? You can’t locate my package or you can’t locate the building you delivered to the day before (oh yes, I’d had another – delayed – delivery from Yodel to the same address on Thursday last week)? As far as I knew the building hadn’t moved overnight.

I phoned Yodel again Monday morning and they claimed they didn’t know where the package was, and that I’d have to wait for the next update to the website. By 9.15am the status was showing out for delivery again. It was finally delivered mid-afternoon and I am looking forward to wearing my Converse this evening.

With the rest of my Spartoo voucher I got a gorgeous new handbag – post to follow on that later in the week.


  1. I think this is very comfortable

  2. navy converse are such the best colour! enjoy.