Monday, July 18, 2011

Outfit: Shoeper Challenge #67 and More Rain






Blue suede boots2

It’s raining again and with highs of just 14°C being forecast for later this week, I can’t help but think: July, U R doing it rong. Anyway, the damp weather and lower temperatures meant I could debut my fabulous navy suede boots, thus breaking one of the rules laid out by The Fashion Police last week. I don’t like to wear knee high boots in the middle of the summer, but sometimes needs must and you may also see opaque tights on the blog this week. You have been warned!


I have plans to go to the gym this evening but other than that it will be a quiet one.


These boots were sent to me by the lovely people at Sarenza as part of their Brand Ambassador Programme. I have been dying to wear them ever since they arrived a couple of weeks back, and with the typical British ‘summer’, I knew I wouldn’t have to wait too long.

Brown top – Tall Girls
Brown denim skirt – John Rocha (charity shop)
Navy suede boots – Planisphere (c/o Sarenza)
Blue beads – gifted
Blue bead bracelet – gifted
Silver hoops – gifted

Total Est. Cost £14


  1. Don't worry - I always wear knee high boots in summer! My 2 favourite items of footwear are both knee high boots, 1 pair are distinctly gothy and not work appropriate (but so comfy that I will struggle through the hottest weather to wear them) and the other pair are my ultimately comfortable work boots that I wear with leggings and my shift dresses.

  2. Those blue suede boots are amazing, I have serious shoe envy!

  3. Oh, they weren't rules laid out for other people - the post was about the silly little rules I impose on myself: I wasn't for a second trying to suggest no one else should break them either :)

  4. Thanks ladies.

    And Amber, yeah I know they were for you and usually I would totally agree about the no boots and tights. It's just the weather is so bad and I was cold (with a scarf on) all day today. Thought you'd appreciate the link too!

  5. I do indeed, thank you :)

    I actually think we're going to reach a point in the UK soon where we'll have completely seasonless dressing because there just isn't that much variation in the weather, sadly. It's actually been quite warm here lately (although in that muggy, thundery, uncomfortable way) so I've been in dresses and bare legs, but I reckon most of the year I could get away with wearing exactly the same stuff: it's just my head that won't let me!

  6. I think you could be right. I hope not though, I do love getting bundled up in coats and boots in winter, and I like open shoes and dresses in summer.