Friday, July 22, 2011

Outfit: Shoeper Challenge #69 and Some Sunshine!






It’s not forecast to rain today, so I took a chance and am saving some fabric flats. I’m also sticking with the purple theme.

Last night I had my hair cut (well, trimmed, I’m still growing it long) and went to pick up my bike from the shop around the corner where it had been to get a quick-release axel fitted on the front wheel. It should fit in my car easier now, without the need to hook it over the front seat! I got home and made tea, and then went to Boxercise at the gym. I cycled up there too, so that was another Activity Point earned. My wrist is a bit sore this morning. I was partnered with a guy and I swear, you get more of a workout holding the pads for your partner than you do actually boxing.


So, on to the Shoeper Challenge! My shoe collection is in constant flux this year thanks to the freebies I’ve been getting from Sarenza, so the number of shoes I actually save is likely to be higher than the total number my collection hovers around (84 or 85). Yes, I am aware that I am only making things more difficult for myself! These purple flats were a birthday gift from my friend Emma a couple of years ago. I love the pointed toe, and the soft jersey fabric they are covered with.


Finally, a mention must go to the friendship bracelet I have on my wrist. The lovely Mary of Babble and Bloom (formerly of Undergrad Fab) made a bunch of these bracelets and offered to send them to the first few people to comment on her post. I was one of the lucky ones and so received a little package in the mail last week. Thanks Mary!

Black/white/purple plaid shirt – Dorothy Perkins Tall
Purple tank – New Look Tall
Jeans – River Island
Snakeskin belt – The Shoe Room
Purple jewelled necklace – Scope
Green friendship bracelet – gifted
Purple fabric flats – gifted

Total Est. Cost £79


  1. I love the bracelets on you, lovely! And I'm so glad you like them :) as soon as I get back to my computer (I'm using my smartphone to write this comment :)) I'll put your link on the post! Happy Friday!

  2. like your accessories... I can't decide which one is my favorite - the shoes, belt or the necklace :) most importantly they are well matched and do not overpower your appearance.