Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Boots and Belt!

I received a package from Spartoo yesterday. Packages are always exciting, but when it’s Monday morning and you know there are boots inside: super exciting!

This is pair I chose with the gift voucher that I had to spend:

Hush Puppies Lottie

They are by Hush Puppies and are a slightly darker blue in real life than they look here.

I had a code for 30% off too, due to the fact that my initial order was cancelled. I had ordered the Vivienne Westwood/Melissa Lady Dragons in red with a shiny red heart, but received an email stating that they only had one pair left which weren’t in a good enough condition to be sent out, and therefore my order had been cancelled. The code for 30% off my next order definitely softened the blow (excellent customer services there Spartoo – other companies could learn a lot from you) and meant I could also treat myself to a new leather belt:


This is from the Pieces brand and was loose in the box next to my boot box. I would have liked it to be wrapped a little better really, but as it wasn’t damaged I’m not too worried. I foolishly didn’t read the sizing properly and have ended up with a length that is more waist belt than jeans belt, but as it’s a funky double buckle style, again I’m not particularly upset. If I make an extra couple of holes with my belt punch it will fit in my higher rise jeans I think.