Thursday, August 11, 2011

Outfit: Shoeper Challenge #74 and Some More Pattern Mixing




Next Leopard Print

Last night’s meal out was really good. The young man was able to join us as we went later than usual due to there not being a rehearsal (we usually meet early to eat before the rehearsal) so that was lovely. I had the chicken Caesar salad with added bacon and it was delicious! It was the best thing I’ve eaten at a Wetherspoon’s. This possibly has something to do with the fact that it’s salad and is therefore fresh and hasn’t been anywhere near the microwave, but even so. I will definitely have it again even though it is something I would never have tried had I not being doing WW. My outfit was nothing spectacular, and may well be repeated in part tomorrow, so I didn’t get any pictures.

We were promised another day of torrential rain, but it was sunny on my drive to work. I suspect there will be heavy showers throughout the day. With this in mind, and the fact that I had run out of nude tights, I dug out some black tights for today. However, I couldn’t find any that weren’t super thick and it’s not supposed to be as chilly today, so the inspiration hit me that I could wear knee high socks instead. A much better option I feel.

So it’s Thursday, which means it’s weigh day. I have lost a further 2lbs making it 9lbs in total, and 5% of my starting weight. This is an important achievement, according to the Weight Watchers website. I’m just pleased I’ve lost again, and as it’s 2 weeks since I last wore this skirt, it was time to wear it again to check the fit. It’s definitely looser than it was, which has to be good news. I will have to try on my denim pencil skirt which was distinctly snug last time I wore it. I am inspired to keep going as I can see it working. I will be planning out some meals from the website today, and making a list to try to get everything I need for the week at Tesco tonight.

I stuck to a black and white theme today, other than with my shoes. But there’s plenty going on with the polka dots, leopard print and another, subtle pattern in my socks. These shoes are another pair that are a bit big for me and may be making their way onto eBay at some point. This time though, I don’t think my feet are to blame: I’m sure Next resized their shoes at some point a couple of years ago. I have a couple of other pairs in a size 9 from years ago which fit fine, but this pair, bought more recently, are too big. In fact the last pair of shoes I bought from Next, I went down to a size 8 and they fit me much better. Anyway, I am saving this pair now in case I do decide to keep them.

My plans for this evening include the Tesco shop and a Boxercise class. I will try to find a different partner this week though, so that my arms don’t feel like they will drop off tomorrow!

Black cardi – New Look Tall
White t – Dorothy Perkins Tall
Black and white polka dot skirt – Dorothy Perkins
Black OTK socks (folded down) – Long Tall Sally
Leopard print shoes – Next
Silver hoops – gifted
Whitby Jet cross – gifted
Black studded belt – free with a pair of trousers

Total Est. Cost £82


  1. Wow! I am struck on the spot by your Black-n-White! That's the real English taste we all should follow!