Monday, August 01, 2011

Outfit: White Pants (and a Weekend Recap)




Next Tan Wedges

Happy Yorkshire Day everyone! And can you believe it is August already? Where is this year going? In an attempt to make the most of what is left of the ‘summer’, I have dug out my white pants again today. I am very aware that there is only about a month or so left when I can wear them, so perhaps they’ll get another outing before September is upon us.

No outfit pictures from the weekend as it was a pretty busy one, and as I was out and about most of the time it was just jeans and tanks anyway.


Friday night I had my eyebrows shaped, gave myself a pedicure, scheduled a bunch of blog posts and generally pottered about the house.

Saturday morning I did some chores, several loads of laundry and made soup for dinner. My sister came over for dinner and then she, the young man and I went cycling for the afternoon. We did about 7 miles and stopped off at a pub en route. We stopped in at the young man’s parents’ house on the way back too. Saturday evening we had a barbeque in the back garden. I wore jeans, a blue and white stripe tank and my Converse.


Sunday we headed to Crich Tramway Village in Derbyshire to meet my sister and her husband for the Mini Rally that was being held there. They have an S registered classic Mini and were entered in the 2 parades that took place. You have never seen so many Minis all in one place at one time. There were loads of them, all different colours and ages, some with extras added. We had a picnic lunch, walked through the woods and rode on a tram. We called in at the pub for a couple of drinks, and some people got ice cream from the old fashioned sweet shop. It was a lovely day out, and we didn’t even get to go in the tram museum. Fortunately the tickets are valid for a year so we can go back another time and look at that. I wore jeans, brown flat shoes and a cream and navy tank layered over a navy one.


Sunday night we met my sister and her husband at our favourite Chinese buffet restaurant. This could have been potential disaster for my Weight Watchers, but fortunately I had planned ahead. I love that the WW website gives you tips for eating out, along with the points values of various meals for each type of cuisine. I had a bowl of chicken and sweet corn soup, some salad, a plate of chicken with sweet corn and noodles, then jelly, grapes and a cornflake cake for dessert. I felt like I had eaten loads, but I’d steered clear of the fried starters, the chips and I’d only had one portion of main course. I went way over my daily points, but that’s what weekly points are for. I am still on course for the week and have plenty of weekly points left. I wore my LTS dark skinny jeans, a pale blue cami, pale blue shrug and the tan wedges I have on tody.

Today’s to do list is long, and includes my gym class tonight, ironing and a trip to Sainsbury’s. Happy Monday!

Navy cardi – Next Tall
Leopard print tank – River Island
White jeans – River Island
Tan leather belt – River Island
Tan wedges – Next
Silver and diamante necklace – gifted
Silver bling ring – River Island
Silver hoops – gifted

Total Est. Cost £83

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