Monday, September 26, 2011

Outfit: Mono-Blocking Monday




Matalan teal

So apparently there is supposed to be a mini-heatwave at the end of this week. They are forecasting highs of 25°C at present for Thursday and Friday. I will believe it when I see it! But if I can get in one last wearing of my tan wedges I won’t be complaining. Although it does seem insane to be thinking that I could get those out again having been in boots and tights for the past few weeks. Ah the British weather.


Tonight is my gym class and I am actually quite looking forward to it. I didn’t particularly indulge over the weekend, and I did all that cycling on Saturday, but I made potato wedges with the pizza last night (although I only had a tiny portion and the young man nicked some of mine) but I feel ready for some toning exercises. Wow, is this really me talking?! It’s lovely out today so I hope to get in a walk at some point too.


This week is filling up fast – I have a meeting tomorrow and choir practice on Thursday (which means no boxing – I’ll have to try to fit in something else instead), then the young man’s mate is stopping over on Friday as they are going for a boys’ night out.

Teal top – H&M
Teal skirt – H&M
Teal tank – Next
Teal wedges – Matalan
Silver earrings – gifted
Teal and silver bangles – Accessorize
Heart necklace – Scope
Teal beads – Claire’s
Teal belt - Claire's

Total Est. Cost £67

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