Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Outfit: Shoeper Challenge #87 and Brrr!





I’m working at home today as my car is poorly. My mechanic called round last night and took it away for tests today (leaving his monster truck parked in our drive). My only criterion for my outfit today was warmth as I am loathe (and the young man would complain) to put the heating on.


I took a walk to the village at dinnertime for some fresh air, exercise and a raffle prize for drama group tonight (I also needed apples and some chocolate to make a chocolate mousse later). It was lovely in the sunshine but the air is quite chilly.


Tonight is drama group where it is often cold and so the cosy cardi will serve me well for that too.


My leopard flats from Priceless finally died so I was really pleased to find this pair for £8 in ASDA. They need a bit of breaking in, but I really like the jewels and bow on the front.

Navy cardi – Topshop Tall
Teal polo neck – Long Tall Sally
Jeans – New Look
Leopard print flats – George at ASDA
Tan Obi belt – ASOS
Silver hoops – gifted
Blue/black ring – charity shop

Total Est. Cost £113


  1. It's always a sad thing when shoes die. But your new pair is very cute! I also like your obi belt. I've been seeing them on lots of blogs but have yet to stumble upon one in a store.

  2. Cute shoes - must go check out Asda and see if I can grab a pair!!

    We gave in last week and had the heating on for O getting out her bath and going to bed. I am too scared to have it on more as I fear it is going to be a hard winter and thought of a HUGE heating bill scares me.

  3. Thanks ladies! I got these shoes a while back now, but they might still have them in.