Sunday, November 06, 2011

Outfit: Saturday Deconstructed

Friday night we had a lovely meal with the young man’s parents. I had to do a dash to the Co-op for prawns, as I arrived home to a note from the young man saying ‘don’t forget the prawn cocktail’. We had discussed prawn cocktail with his mum the previous week, but as a starter for Christmas Day, not for Friday night. However, I knew he would be disappointed if there wasn’t one, and I knew the Co-op sells prawns so I went and got some whilst I was waiting on my car being mended. (Even though it turned out that Kwik Fit had got the wrong part and the car STILL isn’t mended!)

Saturday was busy and I didn’t get chance to take outfit shots. In the morning we went into city for a few bits and pieces. I wore this sweater:


with these jeans:

(also H&M)

and these boots:


We had a quiet afternoon – I watched some TV and drank tea whilst the young man did some technical drawing on his laptop. After an early light tea it was time to get wrapped up to go to the house of some friends for fireworks and supper. There was quite a crowd there and we had an awesome time, letting off fireworks in the back garden, eating stew and baked sweet potato with Yorkshire parkin and custard for dessert. Then we put on some music and everyone ended up dancing to ABBA songs around the dining room table.

I wore this top:

(New Look Tall, via eBay)

with this top underneath it:

(Long Tall Sally)

the same jeans as earlier, and these boots:

(Tall Girls)

I put a black cardi, my coat and cream pashmina over the top, added gloves and this black beret (picture taken on my phone whilst waiting for the young man to get ready):


(George at ASDA)


  1. Mmm, prawns and custard (even if from different meals!) Your teal top is lovely, perfect for fireworks and ABBA.

  2. Thank you! And yes, all my weekend food was delish!