Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Christmas Present

Two packages arrived in the mail yesterday lunchtime. Once I had removed the outer layer of brown paper, here’s what I had:


Christmas presents!
I knew what they were so I opened them. Inside were lovely gifts from Deichmann Shoes. The smaller of the two boxes contained these brogues:

Deichmann Janet D Brogue

They are by Janet D and are leather inside and out. The leather is very soft and the inner sole is padded. I look forward to wearing them to see whether they are as comfy as they seem like they are going to be.

The second box contained these booties:

Deichmann Graceland faux fur bootie

They are by Graceland and I have high hopes for them as the tall wedge boots I have from Deichmann are also by Graceland and they are awesome. The booties are made of faux suede with buttons (my favourite kind of detailing on anything!) and a cosy faux fur trim. There is a hidden platform too, so those heels aren’t as high as they appear.

Both pairs of shoes go up to a size 42 so if you have big feet like I do, Deichmann would be a good place for you to try for excellent value shoes. The booties retail at £24.99 and the brogues are £32.99.

I will be saving both these in the Shoeper Challenge sometime in the next few weeks.

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