Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Outfit: Ladies Who Lunch




Priceless lilac-pink

Some of the girls from my office are out for lunch today, to celebrate a birthday. It is very cold outside although it is lovely and sunny for a change. The faux fur collar on this cardi always makes me feel cosy. I’ve had the cardi for years and it came from a Pilot outlet at the Designer Outlet mall near York.


Last night I did the Tesco shop. I don’t usually go in the evenings and although the store was quieter than it is at 4.30pm, there were only a couple of proper tills open (plus the Baskets Only and Self Service ones). Consequently the queues were long and I noticed that they have quietly taken down the sign that says ‘If there is more than one person in front of you in the queue, we will open another till until all the tills are open’: guess they don’t do that anymore then.


This evening my sister is coming over and we are off to the mall to go Christmas shopping.

Lilac cardi – Pilot outlet
Black dress – H&M
Purple tights – New Look
Purple booties – Priceless Shoes
Purple necklace – gifted
Silver earrings – Funky Junk Jewellery
Purple belt – Ethel Austin

Total Est. Cost £59


  1. Your cardi is fab & looks great with the tights...just gorgeous. The skirt fits like a dream too. Just love this outfit!

  2. LOVE the fur on the cardi! Love, love. Also your hair is such a pretty color.