Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Outfit: Meal at the Pub





LK Bennett Sabira

Last night my sister and her husband came over and we all went to the local pub for tea. It was delicious as always. Pancakes were on the dessert menu, but I opted for rhubarb and apple crumble instead, which was very filling. It was a fun evening.



I pinched my outfit idea and the idea of wearing a polo neck over a collared shirt from this girl whose blog I just discovered this week. The only downside was getting make up all over the shirt collar, to then discover that my Tide To Go pen had run out. Tide To Gone if you like. So three new ones have been ordered (God bless the internets) and in the meantime I’ll either have to wear my shirt like this again, or throw it in the wash. I promise that you couldn’t see through my sweater in reality – that’s just the flash talking.


Oh, and the sweater was one of my thrifted bargains from Saturday. It’s Topshop (non-Tall and the sleeves are really long. I may have to be more open minded to Topshop’s main range if it’s all like this.

Teal sweater – Topshop (charity shop)
Black and white stripe shirt – Next
Jeans – New Look
Taupe patent shoes – LK Bennett (c/o Sarenza)
Silver earrings – gifted
Silver and diamante hair clip – Babyliss (Boots)

Total Est. Cost £42


  1. Great look - I may have to try the shirt and polo neck combo.

  2. Hi Fiona

    I've just discovered your blog by accident (as you do on the internet!) and am loving looking at all your lovely outfits.

    As a fellow big-footed, short-sighted gal you are a real inspiration. Unlike you, I'm not able to wear contact lenses (believe me I have tried) and so, with a prescription of -9.50 in both eyes (=blind as a bat!) have to wear glasses all the time.

    I invest in a couple of frames every year and have recently tried the "geek chic" look with a pair of Ray Bans from an online place -

    I've absolutely fallen in love with them! Have you got any other frame styles to inspire me?

    It gets quite expensive with the thin lenses (I'm guessing your prescription is not far off mine) but it's a great way to change a look. I'm due an eye test next month and hope my prescription hasn't changed again as I could do without the expense of changing the lenses (wouldn't change the frames as they're super hot!)

    Take care


  3. @boutiquegirl Thank you!

    @Rachel Thanks for stopping by. Yes I am -10 in one eye and -9.5 in the other. I have one other pair of glasses - thin silver frames, but I don't really like them so don't wear them often. I am about to get new glasses though so when I get time to go and pick out some new frames I'll be sporting a different look.
    PS. Are you one of the Rachels I know in real life?