Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Outfit: Pink and Navy





Priceless Navy

I keep an old pair of flats in my car to drive in when I am wearing heeled shoes or flip flops or other footwear that will not hold up well to driving. They are bright pink. I went to get petrol yesterday and as I was filling my car I glanced down at my feet and loved the combination of the pink shoes and navy tights. And voilĂ ! Outfit inspiration for today! I don’t wear pink very often – I don’t have much of it these days. There’s this sweater, a brighter pink long sleeve top, a pair of tights and a cotton tank. And that’s about it. I seem to have got rid of all my pink footwear.


Last night I had an early shower so that I could spend time drying my hair. It makes such a difference when I use my Babyliss Big Hair dryer (I didn’t use it on Sunday night and felt my hair just looked a mess yesterday and Monday). I had a flick through the TV channels and About A Boy was on ITV2. I’ve only seen part of that movie before, and never the ending, so I curled up on the sofa for the last hour or so of it.


Tonight the drama group is at the local pub for tea before the rehearsal to celebrate a couple of birthdays.

Pink sweater – Long Tall Sally
Denim skirt – Jasper Conran (Debenhams)
Navy leggings – Tall Girls
Navy boots – Priceless Shoes
Silver beads – George at Asda
Silver hoops – gifted
Navy scarf – Dorothy Perkins

Total Est. Cost £91

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