Friday, March 09, 2012

Outfit: Red Jeans, Navy Blazer




Magrit Navy

I made scrambled eggs for my breakfast today. I’ve never done that on a work day before, I’ll usually have porridge or cereal or something quick. But as I was making scrambled eggs at S’s on Sunday morning, it struck me that actually it only took a couple of minutes to make them and that is about the same length of time it takes to make porridge. So scrambled eggs on toast seemed like a real treat to start my Friday.


Last night seemed to be busier than it should have been. I went to Next on the way home to pick up an order from the website (you can have it delivered to a store next day for cheaper than delivery to your home, and you know it will be safe at the store and not put in your wheelie bin or somewhere random). I made the tea, did the ironing, folded the clean washing out of the dryer, phoned my sister, reorganised the cupboard holding my recipe books, made a cup of tea and finally sat down to catch up on my blogroll and eBay watch list.


Today I need to go to Next to return a pair of trousers (I ordered two sizes and the larger one is too big – woo hoo!) and tonight we are out for a pub tea with my sister, brother-in-law and cousin.


This blazer is the one that arrived from eBay last week and I wore it at the weekend and didn’t get a picture. I love the fit of it (it’s Long Tall Sally) and how nipped in the waist is. I can see it getting a lot of wear this spring/summer. There is a matching skirt as it was sold as a suit, but the skirt is a little snug (as I suspected it would be – I’m only a size 10 on top and in certain brands for skirts and trousers) so that is in my eBay pile for resale.

Navy blazer – Long Tall Sally (eBay)
Navy and cream top – Forever 21
Red jeans – New Look Tall (eBay)
Silver hoops – gifted
Blue beads – gifted
Silver ring – Evans
Navy shoes – Magrit (outlet mall)

Total Est. Cost £58

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