Thursday, March 08, 2012

Thursday Latelies (in Text Form)

Here are the things I’ve been enjoying this week:

  • The young man cooking on Sunday – this was a lovely surprise as he very rarely cooks. And having my tea ready when I got back from a long drive was a real bonus.
  • Teal ring from New Look – I got this ring on Saturday in the stand-alone Shoes and Accessories New Look store at Cribbs Causeway. It was £2.50 in the sale – total bargain! I love big shiny rings and this one makes pretty sparkly patterns all over everything when it catches the light. My other huge sparkly ring is silver so this adds a bit of colour too and the teal shade goes with lots of other colours.
  • Spring sunshine – there is nothing better at this time of year, after a long, cold winter, than stepping outside and feeling some warm sunshine on your face. It’s not all that warm outside yet as we’re still getting some cold winds, but when the sun is out it certainly warms the place up.
  • Tweets/comments re the cat – I find it funny that loads of people are asking questions about my cat and each tweet or comment makes me smile! A full post about him is coming but for now, know that he is not real and that is why he doesn’t move about much. Although you will notice in today’s pictures that he has moved from the centre of the hearth – I think this was to put him out of the way of the candles during Tuesday’s power cut.

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