Monday, March 26, 2012

Outfit: Shoeper Challenge 2012 #10 and a Sunny Sunday




Silver flats

I don’t have pictures from Saturday, but I wore pretty much the same thing as I did on Sunday. Saturday was a busy day. I went into the village in the morning for an appointment at the beauty salon. I vacced and then after lunch the young man and I went to Huddersfield to look at cars. My poor old car is on its last legs (wheels?) and I need to replace it. I test drove one and looked at another. When we got back I dropped the young man off then went to Tesco. After tea I did lots of ironing (Saturday was a gloriously sunny day and I did lots of washing, which then all needed to be ironed).



Sunday morning dawned just as bright and sunny. I cleaned the bathroom, got out my spring/summer clothes, went to test drive another car and then made lunch. In the afternoon we went for a short ride on our bikes (we spent more time sitting in the sun at the pub than we did cycling) and it was nice to get out on them again.


When we got home the young man washed his car and a friend who was out on his motorbike called round. I made Yorkshire puddings, sausages and chips with gravy for tea, then made scones for dessert.


I have another pile of ironing to tackle this week – all the cotton skirts and dresses have got very creased after a winter in storage bags so they’re all to iron now. I did manage to do a couple of pieces yesterday, one of which I’m wearing today. I just hope the good weather lasts now so I can get some wear out of them!


After all the car-related activities over the weekend I now know what type I want so it’s a matter of looking around and finding one that’s a good price with a fairly low mileage.


So, on to the Shoeper Challenge. These silver flats were chosen whilst I was in Australia last November, and purchased with a Sarenza voucher as soon as I got home. The last pair of silver flats I had cost £8 from Priceless and had been worn to death over the past two or three summers so were ready for replacing. I binned them before we left Australia, knowing I would get a replacement pair when I got home. I find silver flats very useful as a neutral shoe, and this pair is fabulous quality. They have a fairly solid sole (unlike most ballet pumps) and are leather in and out. They are supremely comfortable and should get a lot of wear this year.

Red and white stripe top – H&M
Jeans – New Look
Silver shoes – JB Martin (c/o Sarenza)
Whitby Jet cross – gifted
Red and silver earrings – Claire’s
Leopard print belt – Dorothy Perkins

Total Est. Cost £40

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