Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Shoes Sales Still Strong

The recession has hit the world hard, with sales plummeting both online and offline in most markets. But surprisingly, the one market that has seen a boom? Designer shoes.

Women have been obsessed with shoes for decades, and it’s because we rationalise shoes as a sensible purchase, regardless of if they are sensible and sparkly pumps or the slightly more daring stiletto heel wrapped in animal print fabric. Buying a pair of shoes can have a fantastic effect on our mood; whether it updates an outfit so you can keep that dress you love or just makes you feel a million pounds, it’s a serotonin stimulator and the reason why shoe companies need not worry about going out of business any time soon.

Studies show that women have, on average, twenty pairs of shoes, and at least 60% of these are still in the cupboard with the labels on. Psychologists speculate that it is due to a promise in our brain; that they make us look taller and thinner, and therefore we must have them.

The trends this summer are making the most of our love of shoes, with neon tones and metallic colours designed to reinforce our love of footwear. Mulberry are opting for the most daring of pinks with their bow leather high heel pump, designed to put a bit of comfort into the classic stiletto, while Brian Atwood have opted for a fusion of neon colours to make the boldest blush.

Like most animals, we are wired to associate height with power, and those killer heels that you just HAD TO buy are part of this instinct. Naturally, the higher we are the more powerful we seem, so get kitted out in the latest skyscrapers and go give that nasty meeting what for!

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