Thursday, March 01, 2012

Thursday Latelies (In Text Form)

Happy Thursday! Here’s what’s been making me happy this week:

  • Blazers/jackets – they’re so easy to wear and they instantly smarten up an outfit, especially when you throw on a tailored jacket with jeans. My current favourites are my two cord jackets which are tailored but in a relaxed fabric. I just got a new suit jacket in navy blue from eBay which I will be wearing this weekend – it’s just such a spring colour.
  • Chocolate Philadelphia – I must have mentioned this about a million times this week but I’m hooked. Soft cheese and chocolate – who would have thought that would be a good combination? But it tastes exactly like chocolate cheesecake and has only 86 calories per 30g serving (which, granted, is not a very large serving. But it’s enough to spread on toast, or pancakes) and I’m hooked!
  • Scones – again, something I’ve mentioned countless times this week. They’re so easy to make and they take no time at all, and once you have all the ingredients in you have enough to make a load of batches. The recipe I use only makes 9 scones at a time, and they taste best still warm out of the oven so you can imagine that a batch doesn’t last too long.
  • Estée Lauder matte foundation primer – the best foundation primer out there, for sure. My skin can be quite oily on my forehead and chin so I find a matte primer just stops the shine. I used this for a year or so, then a couple of months back I had trouble finding it so I switched to the one by Too Faced. This was fine when I was using up my Estée Lauder expensive foundation (which has been discontinued) but when I switched to the cheaper No7 foundation that I now use, I found my face was shine central. I went to the Estée Launder counter in Boots on Saturday and the girl there told me that she didn’t have any in stock because the line is being repackaged and a ‘new’ product (she said the only thing changing was the packaging) on 26th March. I did my best disappointed face and so she gave me a couple of little sample pots with some primer in from her sample tube. I had more luck in House of Fraser where I was able to purchase some primer, and now I’m just hoping that it is indeed only the packaging that is changing as it’s a really great product.
  • Remington Spin Curl hair dryer – I bought this a couple of summers ago and it’s been hidden away in a drawer under the spare bed for months. I dug it out again last week and have used it a few times. I love the waves it puts in my hair, and I think it works better now that my hair is longer. Curls from tongs don’t stay put in my hair very long, but the waves from my spin curl dryer last for two days which is amazing to me.


  1. Why is Humphrey in a box? I hope you're not planning to get rid of him! xo

  2. Humphrey is in a box because the young man got new shoes and the box was in the front room, with all its tissue paper. The young man took it over to Humphrey and said it would make a good nesting box and that cats (and apparently fake cats too) like nesting boxes. He put the cat in the box and there he stayed for the rest of the week. And no, we're definitely not getting rid of him!