Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday Latelies (in Text Form)

Happy Thursday! Here are the things I’ve been enjoying this week:

  • Being a Sarenza Brand Ambassador blogger – the hands down, number one biggest perk of being a style blogger – free shoes! But seriously, Sarenza are a fabulous company to work with and their customer service is second to none.
  • The Shoeper Challenge – I love Amber’s annual challenges and the idea of ‘saving’ my shoes is a great way to ensure I wear all the pairs I have. I can weed out the ones that are no longer comfortable or that I don’t wear often/find myself reluctant to wear and, when asked whether I actually wear all my shoes, I can answer yes, I’ve worn x amount of pairs since the start of the challenge, and in this case since 13th March.
  • A couple of quotations I’ve seen floating round the internet recently – I think they were on Tumblr or Pinterest images so I’ve no idea where they originated, they’ve just been making me smile:
  • Sometimes your knight in shining armour is just a jerk in tinfoil.
  • Everyone I know is getting married or pregnant. I’m just getting more awesome.


  1. Loving those quotes and I'm so envious of you being a Sarenza Brand Ambassador x

  2. Haha love those quotes, I esp agree with the second! :)

  3. Thanks ladies! The second quote is so true for me at the moment: I know four pregnant ladies right now.