Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Outfit: Shoeper Challenge 2012 #20 and a Very Wintry Wednesday



TG Rinding

So yeah, that snow I was talking about yesterday? It arrived:


I was at the pub with my sister and our friend last night and about 7pm the snow started coming down. It was very wet and because it had been so warm for the past week I knew it wouldn’t really settle so I wasn’t worried about getting home. And I was fine, the roads were clear and I got home about 9.30pm. It wasn’t really snowing here last night so no one was more surprised that I was to wake up to what you see above. By lunchtime the garden looked like this:


I had the day booked off work today so I could sing in a concert that my church choir was giving. My parents were supposed to be coming across to go to the concert their car’s fan belt is on its way out so they called to say they weren’t coming. I spent the morning doing chores and baking another chocolate cake (I added more sweetener this time – I think I have it sussed!).


I picked the young man’s mum up after lunch to go to the concert and we headed off (it had stopped snowing by this point and the snow was melting rapidly). The concert went well and we went for a cup of tea in the church hall afterwards, then I went in for a cup of tea when I took the young man’s mum home.


We were supposed to be going out for tea to our local pub with my parents tonight, but as they didn’t come over we decided to stay in instead.

Wow, have I really saved 20 pairs of shoes already? This is another pair of boots that I wasn’t expecting to have to get out until around November. They were bought from Tall Girls many years ago now, and I really like them because they are super long on my legs. I don’t like them because they are flat and practical. But that is the very reason I keep them around and they come out each winter when it’s snowy but not so snowy I need wellies.


I was not expecting to wear my faux fur trimmed cardi again until next winter either, but as we had to wear a solid coloured top for the concert, out this came as it makes me feel cosy.

Lilac cardi – Pilot outlet
Black dress – H&M
Black tights – M&S
Black OTK socks – Long Tall Sally
Silver and diamante necklace – gifted
Black boots – Tall Girls

Total Est. Cost £118

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