Thursday, May 10, 2012

Outfit: Black (and Gold) and Tan





LK Bennett Bruton nude toe caps

It was a wet and rainy start this morning but we’ve been promised highs of 18°C later on so I went ahead and wore a spring skirt anyway. With a sweater. I am shamelessly stealing Amber’s styling tip of wearing a v neck sweater back to front. The v on this one is a bit low for work and usually that wouldn’t be a problem as I’d just put a cami underneath it. However, as it’s supposed to warm up later I didn’t want to add an extra layer so turned my sweater around so the v is at the back and mostly covered by my hair.


Last night was a quiet night in. We watched a documentary about the abdication of King Edward VIII, and how it was all a plot by the Archbishop of Canterbury to get him to give up the throne because the Archbishop didn’t like Edward and didn’t want him marrying Wallis Simpson and still retaining the crown. I am fascinated by all things to do with Edward VIII and the Abdication Crisis of 1936. History could have been so different had he been allowed to remain king. He didn’t die until 1972 (though I suspect it would have been earlier had he been on the throne as the Queen Mother always maintained that it was the throne that drove her husband King George VI to an early grave) and so Queen Elizabeth II would have been in her fifties by the time she came to the throne. (Edward and Wallis didn’t have any children so the line would still have passed to our present Queen.)


This evening I am planning to do the Tesco shop and that’s about it I think.


The gold chain belt I have on is an unusual one for me – I don’t wear gold really, but I thought the skirt needed something in the belt loops and this just seemed to tone in. It’s a vintage belt – it belonged to my mum when she was in the 6th form in the 1960s and I purloined it many years ago now. I don’t wear it often but it’s nice to have it around.

Tan sweater – New Look Tall
Black and white spot skirt – New Look (charity shop)
Black and tan shoes – LK Bennett (c/o Sarenza)
Black and silver bracelets – gifted
Leopard print scarf – H&M
Gold chain belt – vintage (was my mum’s)
Whitby Jet cross – gifted
Silver hoops – gifted

Total Est. Cost £30

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  1. Did I read somewhere that you were getting new glasses?

    If these are them, then they look exactly the same as your old ones!

    About time you mixed it up a bit with some contrasting frames - how about Wayfarer style?